Work in Progress - New Projects

Get Property

The client wanted the ability to modify and add new content to his old website along with making it responsive and optimized for any device.

I opted for Wordpress as content manger system with a personalized theme that reflect the client needs.


  • Wordpress
  • jQuery, Modernizr, Google Maps
  • Gulp, Bower, Npm, Git


Pitzone is an established supplier of Tyre and Garage Equipment in Ireland.

They came to me for a refresh of an existing e-Commerce website. The project had some limitations in the design and color palettes. After several tries the client was pleased with the theme and color scheme I came up with.

Opencart is the shopping cart solution I used for this project.

Currently developing a new module for displaying extra informations about the suppliers


  • Opencart
  • HTML 5, CSS, PHP
  • jQuery, Modernizr, Google Maps

Previous Work


Enetfirms is the company I was an inter at for 6 months in 2015. After four months I was working at their office they asked me to pull together the new company website.

I was provided the HTML template by the designer and I developed the Wordpress theme and the plugins required. I also coded an AJAX contact form that comunicate with the Wordpress wp-ajax action.

Html structure and content were optimized for the best organic SEO results.


  • Wordpress
  • HTML 5, CSS, PHP
  • jQuery, Modernizr, AJAX, Google Maps

Paul Ferriter

Paul Ferriter is a successful artist and sculptor based in Dublin's Temple Bar.

Paul contacted me for advice on his website built using the Squarespace platform. He wanted to improve the look of the gallery and some other tweak on the template he was using.

Once Paul's requirements were matched I proceeded with SEO.


  • Squarespace
  • HTML 5, CSS
  • jQuery
  • Git

Rga Logistics

A Wordpress project I worked on during my internship at Enetfirms.

It consisted of translating an HTML template into a Wordpress theme, content creation and SEO optimization.


  • Wordpress
  • HTML5, CSS
  • jQuery, Google Maps